Senior Settlement

Senior Settlements let you benefit now from unwanted or unaffordable life insurance policies. Liquidate your life insurance policy and receive money you can use now. Eliminate premium payments and get the true value of your life insurance policy. Ideal makes it possible through our private Senior Settlement services.

Viatical Settlements

If you or a family member are suffering from terminal cancer or other life threatening illness and have life insurance, there is money available now through a viatical settlement. You can redeem your life insurance policy for an amount greater than premiums already paid on the policy. Viatical Settlements can be used at your discretion to cover any needs or interests. Ideal makes this possible for our clients by getting the most money available with one simple application.

Life Insurance Q&A

Ideal provides frequently asked questions and answers to life insurance, life settlements and viatical settlements. If you have questions regarding the life settlement process we ask you to contact us via our online form.

    If you are interested in buying life settlements and would like additional information on this newly developed financial tool, contact Ideal Settlement today. Ideal is a

    If you are interested in becoming a life settlement investor or have clients that are interested in investing in life settlements, contact Ideal Settlements today. Ideal is an experienced company p ...

    The life settlement industry is regulated by a number of authorities, including the state and the federal government. The primary purpose of life settlement regulations is to promote the public wel ...

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